Welcome to LiquidDriver!


LiquidDriver is the first liquidity mining dApp providing liquidity-as-a-service in the Fantom ecosystem.

We aim to bring its users more utility, rewards, and long-term benefits through our native token, LQDR, and ultimately become the leading liquidity-on-demand platform for dApps on the Fantom Opera Mainnet.


  • Farms (to be retired): Users can stake their SpiritSwap, SpookySwap, and Beethoven-x LP tokens on and earn our native token, LQDR, as a reward.

  • Single Sided Farms (retired): Users can stake their Hundred hTokens and earn HND rewards at the maximum boosted rate.

  • Shadow Farms: Users can stake their SpiritSwap, SpookySwap, and Beethoven-x LP tokens and earn their yield-bearing governance tokens (xBOO, fBEETS, linSPIRIT) as rewards.

  • Vault Strategy: LP tokens staked in our pools will be deployed to our strategy contracts and staked in our partners pools to generate yields, which are then redistributed to xLQDR holders through our Revenue-Sharing Vault.

  • Revenue-Sharing Vault: xLQDR holders receive daily rewards from our Revenue-Sharing vault. Rewards are collected from 1/ our strategies behind our staking pools 2/ a performance fee applied on top of the Shadow Farms 3/ revenue cross-chain. Currently, these rewards are LINSPIRIT, BOO, THE, BEETS and LQDR.

  • xLQDR: Lock your LQDR to generate xLQDR, the yield-producing vested version of LQDR. The longer your locking time, the higher the amount of xLQDR you receive.

  • xLQDR FNFT (retired): ERC-721 version of xLQDR by Revest.Finance. The FNFT can be sold on Paintswap. The FNFT allows different positions with different principal amounts and lock periods to be taken with a single wallet address. Like the traditional xLQDR, the lock period can be increased and the rewards be claimed on a daily basis.

  • cLQDR: The auto-compounding version of xLQDR controlled by DEUS Finance. Users deposit their LQDR to mint cLQDR. The contract locks the LQDR as xLQDR and auto-compounds the rewards for more xLQDR. As a result cLQDR appreciates against LQDR over time. cLQDR can be freely swapped on Beethoven X.

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