Vault Strategies

Yield-enhancement strategy for xLQDR holders

LiquidDriver V2 was set to implement vault strategies to maximize the returns for xLQDR holders: LP tokens deposited into our pools are used to stake in our partner’s pools. The farmed rewards can be claimed daily at the end of each epoch from the revenue sharing vault.

Migrating to V3, the returns for xLQDR holders will come from a performance fee applied on top of the rewards farmed by the Shadow Farms. With the latest cross-chain expansion, xLQDR holders (by mirroring to other chains with mxLQDR), can earn rewards from all the chains LQDR is deployed on. These rewards are currently live on BNB Chain.

95% of the tokens earned in our partner’s pools will be used to seed the xLQDR-Revenue-Sharing Vault, so xLQDR holders will start receiving the following weekly:

  • linSPIRIT, BOO and SPELL from the strategies

  • LQDR from emissions

  • liHND from Hundred Finance pools

Additional allocations of farming rewards

  • 5% will be allocated to our dev wallet for future development and maintenance.

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