Revenue Sharing Vault

Earn a share of the revenues made by LiquidDriver

How does it work ?

To be eligible to receive rewards from the Revenue Sharing Vault, you first need to generate xLQDR by locking your LQDR. Because xLQDR cannot be staked, the rewards are allocated each epoch.

If we are currently at epoch 1 and we send some rewards to the vault, you will be able to claim them at epoch 2.

Each epoch, we deposit yields generated from our vault strategy to the reward distributor + LQDR from our scheduled inflation. Earn LINSPIRIT, BOO, SPELL and LQDR by locking your LQDR.

How is it allocated ?

Your earnings are based on your share of xLQDR total supply.

If there is a total of 10 000 xLQDR generated and you have 1000 xLQDR, you're entitled to 10% of the rewards.

Why does my next claimable earnings reduce over time ?

As mentioned previously, rewards are distributed / epoch, so if users generate more xLQDR during an epoch and reduce your share of the supply, your rewards will be smaller.

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