Yield-producing vested version of LQDR


xLQDR represents the vested version of LQDR, it is based off Curve's veCRV contracts. The core objective is to switch from an intensive farming token model to a demand & supply token which derives its value from the revenue captured by the protocol and gives further utility to holders by adding features that gives more advantages to users who have more skin in the game e.g longer vesting schedule.


  • You can lock up your LQDR from 2 weeks ( = 0.02 xLQDR / LQDR) up to 2 years ( = 1xLQDR / LQDR ).

  • You can only lock until Thursdays, if you select any other day, it will lock it for the previous Thursday ( e.g if you choose to lock until Friday, June 25th it will lock it until Thursday June 24th )

  • As you get closer to your unlocking date, your balance of xLQDR decreases linearly.

  • xLQDR is non-transferable

  • WARNING : You can only have one locking schedule. It means you cannot lock a share of your LQDR for 1 year and another for 4 months.

  • You can extend your locking schedule at any time, but you cannot lock it for more than 2 years since you first locked some LQDR.

Use cases

Revenue-Sharing vault

As xLQDR is non-transferable, we decided to distribute the rewards / epoch. Each epoch will lasts 24 hours. To be eligible, you need to hold xLQDR in your wallet before the end of an epoch. If you don't claim your rewards, they accumulate in the vault.

Reward boost ( Coming later )

Gauge voting ( Coming later )

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