FNFT (retired)

Transferable xLQDR powered by Revest Finance


The xLQDR FNFT is a transferable alternative to the traditional type of a lock. It can be sold on a secondary market, such as PaintSwap. It offers the same functionality, and you can hold multiple in a single wallet.

What is FNFT?

FNFTs are financial representatives of NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens, unique cryptographic tokens existing on a blockchain. They are financial instruments, packaged and stored as NFTs using the ERC-1155 standard.

FNFTs and Revest

Revest Finance is the protocol behind the innovation allowing ERC-20 tokens, in this case LQDR, to be locked into ERC-1155 NFTs, resulting in FNFTs. Thanks to its modularity, it can support all the same functionality as standard locking, but with more flexibility from the users’ perspective.

Use Cases and Benefits

The main selling point of FNFTs is that unlike traditional xLQDR which cannot be moved, they can be sold on a secondary marketplace such as PaintSwap. Users can hold multiple xLQDR FNFTs in their wallet, all viewable within the Gallery.

New features and functionality can be added later on.

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