Bridge your tokens from other chains to FANTOM

Use a partner bridge

Both SpookySwap and SpiritSwap let you transfer your assets from one chain to an other. Both bridges use Multichain (previously Anyswap) technology on the back end. This is done by transferring and converting your tokens to the same wallet address, but on the Fantom network.

  1. Choose the network and the token you want to transfer from the list

  2. Input the amount you want to transfer

  3. Confirm transaction

  4. Once confirmation is received, connect to Fantom's network, you tokens will be displayed. If they are not displayed, you need to add them manually to your Metamask : Go to and look for the contract address of the token you transferred. You can also add tokens via the swap interface.

SpiritSwap's implementation of the bridge has an automatic faucet that gives you 0.4 FTM for transactions fees on Fantom's side if your wallet does not contain any FTM already.

Want to know more about Multichain?

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