LiquidDriver V3

Powering deep liquidity across the Fantom Ecosystem

The V2 model of on-demand liquidity-as-a-service has been a success. The idea is to incentivize LPs for our partners, farm with funds staked in their pool, and redistribute the rewards to xLQDR holders.

Moving from V2 to V3 will result in a key change in Liquid Driver tokenomics. The main goal is to drastically cut LQDR emissions through the implementation of the Shadow Farms. In the meantime we will keep the flexibility to temporarily emit some LQDR in response to specific business opportunities. These exceptions shall be discussed and submitted to a community vote.

Currently we are partnered with 3 leading DEXs and a single-sided stable farm provider on Fantom, and we’ll be collaborating with them to achieve the following objectives:


  • Increase the TVL on SpiritSwap while giving more utility to LQDR holders

  • Long-term goal to reduce the inflation required to incentivize new LPs

  • Build a relationship of continuous value + benefits for our users

  • Boost yields with the governance power acquired through linSPIRIT, which locks SPIRIT into inSPIRIT giving us the governance power.


  • Drive liquidity where it’s needed for SpookySwap

  • Provide our xLQDR holders with daily yields in $BOO

  • Collaborate for long-term growth in the $FTM ecosystem


  • Drive more liquidity for Beethoven-x

  • Provide daily yields for our xLQDR holders in BEETS

  • Leverage Beethoven's Balancer V2 technology to strengthen linSPIRIT peg

  • Unlock continuous growth & value together on Fantom

Hundred Finance

  • Drive more liquidity for Hundred Finance

  • Provide weekly yields for xLQDR holders in liHND

  • Boost yields with the governance power acquired through liHND, which locks HND into veHND giving us the governance power.

In addition we are working with 2 DEX aggregators, Rubic and Yoshi.Exchange.

We aim to enable smooth integration of our protocols and bring maximum value to each of our project's holders and communities over time.

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