Our wrapped version of Hundred Finance's veHND

What is liHND?

liHND is a wrapped version of veHND, which in turn is a locked governance token of Hundred Finance (HND). Unlike the locked counterpart, it is liquid and currently tradeable at DEXs.

When liHND is minted, HND is locked in perpetuity, similar to linSPIRIT.

What is the purpose of liHND?

The veHND governance power we acquire is used to offer boosted yields for the single-staking pools from Hundred Finance.

Many users are reluctant to lock tokens to boost their own yields. By staking in our pools, yields are automatically boosted without the need for individual users to hold either veHND or liHND.

What are the benefits of liHND?

Users who do not lock HND enjoy higher yields by staking in our pools.

xLQDR holders earn a performance fee of 12 % from the strategies, which is distributed to the revenue sharing vault on a weekly basis (no distribution yet).

liHND stakers earn a performance fee of 8 %, which is collected weekly, but is gradually paid out every single block.

How to stake in HND pools?

Users need to acquire the respective hTOKEN (e.g. hUSDC) from by depositing on the supply markets. You can then stake this hTOKEN in our pools.

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