LQDR's voyage

Phase 1.0

  • Liquidity mining launch with 17 pairs
  • LQDR lottery implementation

Phase 2.0

  • xLQDR: Vested version of LQDR
  • Revenue-Sharing Vault for xLQDR holders
  • V2 launch: Vault strategies and yield-optimization

Phase 3.0

  • Liquidspirit : A wrapped version of inSPIRIT allowing users to receive fees from inSPIRIT while boosting our revenue for xLQDR holders
  • UI V2: A completely new UI focused on optimizing UX
  • xLQDR as transferable FNFT (financial non-fungible token)
  • Single-sided stable farms from Hundred Finance
  • Align our strategies with SpiritSwap's gauge system and develop a tool for bribes
  • Shadow Farms: New more advanced strategies that compound into staking
  • Develop cross-chain Master Gauges
  • Farms and LQDR deployment on Optimism and BNB Chain

Phase 3.5

  • Deployment of Master Gauges onto new chains
  • Introduction of new wrappers
  • Introduction of new financial NFTs

Long term

  • Emissions reduction
  • Integration of Chainlink's CCIP
  • Leveraged farming with unidirectional liquidation (on hold)
  • Liquidity bootstrapping for options and insurance coverage (on hold)
  • Decentralized Banking aggregator: Integration of blue chips DeFi and native Fantom projects such as SpiritSwap, SpookySwap, Beethoven X, SCREAM & FRAX to build an all-in-one platform for users (on hold)