Tokenomics LQDR

Native token powering LiquidDriver

Liquidity mining dApps are inherently intensive in token emissions, so LiquidDriver focuses on providing sustainably high APYs for liquidity providers over a long-term investment horizon. By increasing the value, utility, and overall demand of LQDR, we can incentivize more participation in the protocol and grow our total value locked (TVL).

Total value locked (TVL) growth is our biggest metric to assess the project’s success. As the protocol advanced, we developed a more effective way to link TVL growth with user rewards (as opposed to the initial buy-back and burn method and lottery feature).

We decided to introduce xLQDR, a high-yield vested version of LQDR that maximizes returns for our long-term users and locks the supply away.

Ticker: LQDR

  • Contract address: 0x10b620b2dbac4faa7d7ffd71da486f5d44cd86f9

  • Chain: Fantom Opera

  • Max Supply: Unlimited

LQDR Specs

70 000 LQDR were minted to the developer address for airdrops and to provide the initial liquidity needed to successfully launch the protocol.

Check transaction here:

  • Max Supply: N/A

  • Emission / block: See emissions data from the Analytics Dashboard

  • Deposit fee : 0%

  • 8.2% of LQDR minted will go to the developer wallet address for marketing, partnerships, and incentivizing participation.

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